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Westin Jakarta Hotel Metal Furniture Customization
We specialise in the custom design,manufacture & installation of architectural stainless steel work for commercial & residential applications.
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The metal engineering case of Westin Jakarta Hotel is a case of Steelaman metal tailored to customers from multiple dimensions such as doors, screens, walls, lines, handles, columns, lights, home furnishings, etc. through the communication and understanding of Westin. , Make personalized custom cases from style selection and material selection. Metal engineering can be tailored according to the customer's living habits and specific needs, while restricting the choice of space while making full use of the space.

Exterior view of The Westin Jakarta

The hotel door designed by HBA has a length and height of 5390*4149mm. Steelaman metal provides customers with a complete door solution according to their demanding requirements.

The details of the door determine the grade of the door. With high-quality materials and exquisite handwork, Steelaman metal uses its focus to create a set of high-end and beautiful doors, and gives customers a satisfactory answer.

The perfect fusion of the door and the glass background wall, highlighting the upscale and gorgeousness of the five-star hotel, the glass background wall, material: S.S. stainless steel + brown wire glass. By Steelaman metal producing.

The beauty of black also shows the nobility and splendor of the five-star hotel

The unique handle can add icing to the decoration of the door and is a must for star hotels

A round coffee table and four round chairs create a simple and generous style.

Oval coffee table with round lights, full of lines.

The elevator doors with delicate stripes are beautiful and magical, making the elevator space instantly full of the unique atmosphere of stainless steel.

The stainless steel line edging, under the light of the light, makes the whole space more gorgeous.

The house number, small and beautiful, also shows the strength of a company. Steelaman metal, as a total solution provider of stainless steel products for five-star hotels, does every product carefully.

The company focuses on the research, development and design of high-quality metal products such as five-star hotels, high-end commercial venues, top casinos, villas, etc. at home and abroad, absorbs new ideas, strictly controls quality, and provides comprehensive service tracking.

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